Monday, October 31, 2005

Blog Number 49 - Andrew Pleavin to play Daxos in Frank Miller's '300'

Several weeks ago, a reader left a comment for me on the September 30th blog, which stated that Englishman Andrew Pleavin had been cast in Frank Miller's '300'. According to the IMDB, it has now been confirmed that Pleavin will portray Daxos, the leader of the Arcadians.

Coincidentally, Andrew Pleavin played the part of Orestes in 'Atilla', which starred Gerard Butler who will be occupying the role of King Leonidas of Sparta.

I am grateful to the individual (anonymous) who left the comment for me and would like to thank him/her once again! Cheers mate!


Anonymous said...

'Montreal Start For Warners 300 'Green' Screen For Ancient Battle Scenes.'
Rumour has it that this movie will be filmed @ Mel Cité du cinéma. Because it is CG backgrounds do they still have to have a such a huge studio. Also, would anyone know if there is such a thing as a low budget movie with CG technology?

John Trikeriotis said...


Frank Miller's 'Sin City' was filmed using the same techniques (green screen technology) and I believe it was budgeted in the $40 million range. Therefore, '300' is the more expensive of the two since it was reported that the budget would be in the $60-$70 million range.

Thanks for the info about Mel Cité du cinéma!