Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog Number 39 - The British Commonwealth of Nations to be well represented in Frank Miller's '300'

After having read that fellow Aussie David Wenham would be in Frank Miller's '300', I noticed that the cast would be comprised of a who's who of British Commonwealth nations.

First off to lead the pack was American born, English raised Sienna Miller who was offered the Queen of Sparta role only to turn it down and have it accepted several months later by countrywoman Lena Headey. Then came the biggest announcement that Scotsman Gerard Butler had accepted the key role as the heroic King Leonidas of the 300 Spartans.

Announcements followed weeks later that the rest of the cast would include Irishman Michael Fassbender, Wales born and Irish raised Vincent Regan, United Kingdom's Dominic West and the aforementioned David Wenham from the 'Land down under'.

Do you think that the '300' should have more of an American flavor, or do you like the fact that the cast will be made up mostly of actors from the U.K.?


Dragon Slayer said...

Hi John, I had written you yesterday, but I think I forgot to publish my message. Anyway, it is my understanding that all will be using UK accents. I definitely think the actors should not use American accents even though it is an American film. Somehow Brit accents add more authenticity to the film. I googled Rodrigo Santoro yesterday, and it seems to me he is rather young to play Xexes plus he has a Spanish or Portuguese accent. He has appeared in many foreign films. IMO Xerxes in the graphic novel looks like a Dennis Rodman. Sorry to keep harping on the graphic novel, but the square word boxes are the narration, no? I had heard that King Leo. will be doing the narration (voice over) for the story. I'm assuming that would be Gerry as King Leo. Have you heard?


John Trikeriotis said...

Greetings dragon slayer~

In my opinion, I think the accents should be uniform and since all the actors seem to be for the most part from the United Kingdom, perhaps it will be that way. It also seems to be the norm to have ancient warriors speaking with an English accent, i.e. Maximus (Russell Crowe), Alexander (Colin Farrell), the cast of Troy, etc.

Therefore, since Gerry Butler will be King Leonidas, I will have to assume that instead of a Scottish accent he will be speaking with an English accent which he is more than capable of doing.