Friday, April 13, 2007

Frank Miller '300' Shield replica

I had a chance recently to examine one of the Warner Bros. '300' shield replicas which were sold by the wholesale company NECA to retailers. Lately they've been selling on eBay for over $1,000, and sometimes much more than that. It's probably closer to $1,500. However, here is the kicker! Several of the eBay sellers in their listings are saying that this is "no. 3 of 300" or "lowest limited edition number" on ebay.

Upon closer inspection, it's only the box that is showing the limited edition number (unlike the signed limited edition lithograph) as it isn't reflected anywhere on the shield. So before you make that big purchase and see that you've bought no.1 of 300, no. 2 of 300, etc., etc., please be advised that in essence you are paying for the box that has this limited number written on there with magic marker, not your shield.