Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blog Number 33 - Frank Miller '300' promo poster

This image is of the '300' promo poster which measures 17 inches x 11 inches and was used to advertise the Frank Miller '300' comic books. It took quite a long time to locate this rarity, however, it was well worth the wait. The one observation that I've made in collecting all these items is, the longer it takes to locate, the rarer it is! Rare = $$$ spent

Now for the question; have you seen anything rare relative to Frank Miller's '300'?


Pam Shirkey said...

I haven't seen anything rare, but if I do I will let you know.

My guess about the movie poster -- it will have Gerry Butler's face on it somewhere. Attract the guy audience with the story of a battle and the gals with that attractive face. Or am I making women sound too shallow? or movie makers too opportunistic? If the posters do have Butler's face, expext the demand for the posters to be high!

John Trikeriotis said...

Greetings Pam~

I believe you are correct about Gerry Butler being on the poster in some capacity. Since GB will be portraying King Leonidas who is the focal point of Frank Miller's '300', the marketing/promotional execs will probably place him on the poster in the same context as they did with Brad Pitt in 'Troy'.