Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blog Number 12 - Gerald Butler to portray King Leonidas in '300' movie

'' announced recently that Scotsman Gerard Butler will appear in Frank Miller's '300' which has been scheduled to begin shooting in Montreal on October 17th. Butler has been chosen to portray King Leonidas, leader of the 300 Spartans and supreme commander of the united Greek forces which fought at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

Will Gerard Butler and the cast of '300' achieve more success than 'The Phantom of the Opera'?


LadyLavender said...

I think it will for a variety of reasons. For one thing the two movies are completely different. Different genres and therefore will draw a different audience. Gerard Butler is a great actor. Capable of truly entering and interpreting the roles that he portrays.I find him an actor of great depth and discernment when it comes to his roles whether they be historical, comedy,independent,horror or big budget. I think the thing about Phantom which I personally believe was a very good movie both from its acting and singing and from its visual effects, is that for one thing The Phantom of the Opera already has a huge international theater following. Therefore even if people try not to compare the Silver Screen Version to the Stage Performance, they will undoubtedly go to the movie theater with a preconceived notion of how the parts are to be acted, how the songs are to be sung, how the delivery is supposed to be etc, etc ad nauseum. I believe that this can restrict the actors of their personal interpretation and flair. And therefore one might as well let people continue to see the stage version unchallenged if no other interpretation is to be allowed. If a person were to go into the movie theater having never seen the Phantom of the Opera on the stage i'm pretty sure they would be able to appreciate the Silver Screen version in a different way. I don't see Frank Miller's 300 having the same problem, unless of course one compares to the letter the screen version with the comic book. However, its never been brought to the big screen in such a way, so I think there is more freedom for the actors to interpret the comic book characters. Plus of course all the special effects should make it a very good movie.
I think Mr. Butler can handle it. But in just about all movies that are adapted from books, or any other media you will always have those who feel the movie did not follow the book exactly and those who feel that the movie was better than the book. This is normal and natural and I think unavoidable. I look forward to seeing this movie and to following its progress over the next few months. I'm sure all involved have their work cut out for them but i'm pretty sure also that they are up to the challenge.


John Trikeriotis said...

G'day Ladylavender~

Thank you for your excellent comments! If '300' can surpass the success of 'The Phantom of the Opera', I feel that the 'Gates of Fire' could be finally be made into a movie and wouldn't that be great!



arion said... just started a new section on his site that discusses Comix-to-Flix. The kickoff comic is "300" with a look at the cast and creative team behind the movie.
Here is the URL --

John Trikeriotis said...

Hi Arion~

I thank you for the info!



Anonymous said...

1st Phantom did make $154 million dollars "worldwide", which is not too shabby, and probably is the #1 reason most folks at have gotten interested in Gerry's movies.
2nd- considering the source material seems to be from a popular genre, namely Frank Millers' book..I suspect that will play into a degree of success.
3rd- historical pieces seem to be doing well- I know I love them.
4th- Just like with Beowulf and Grendel- my reading library has expanded to include FM's book and Pressfield's Gates of Fire. I'm really curious to see the film making process with this one.Teri S

Anonymous said...

who did the music for the trailer

ingloriousnoa said...

Check out this bad ass 300 fan site... word on the street is that Warner Bros. is going to start leaking insider information about the film and the filmmakers on this site.

Check it out!!!

_ugly said...

is bush a spartan or a persian?

moordenaar said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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defenderoftheplanet said...

I feel the need to express myself regarding the critics of this AWESOME movie. Especially to the fools that critisise the historical acuracy and whatever stupid "undertones", reading between the lines and all that bollox.

Legends are always inacurate and bias is always towards the hero. Heroes are always perfect and steadfast in their beliefs. This story has a great moral. Fight for freedom, stand up for what you love and believe in. Beat back the corrupt demon that temps you into submission.

Does anyone actually believe that the legend of King Athur and the round table is accurate to what happened at that time? LOL

I hate movie critics! They spoil great story telling

Anonymous said...

Apparently the producers were too illiterate to read a single history book. Did they even know that the Spartans really existed, and was not a mere figment of imagination in the mind of a comic-book writer?

As for the idiot who posted above my post, legends are different from historical fact.

I would have loved to Crucify Frank Miller, but I suppose that's illegal nowadays....

anders said...

This is how we fight:

Spiderman said...

Thanks for the link