Friday, January 13, 2006

Blog Number 123 - January 12th update of Zack Snyder's '300' Production blog

I had a chance to look at the newest update to Zack Snyder's production blog which shows scenes of a Spartan agora that was constructed rather than created digitally.

This once again reaffirms my belief that '300' will be much more than what Frank Miller wrote about in his comic book series. Since this scene is only illustrated in one panel of the comics, I believe quite a bit will occur in the marketplace. It is evident that Zack Snyder seems to be conscious of production overruns, therefore, I don't feel that the money spent for this set will be only for cosmetic purposes.

Now the question is what will happen?


Miyuki said...

Hi John,
There are two 'shady' cats on the roof,too.Your comment reminded me of a dog in 'Dawn of the Dead'.My gut tells me Zack will be the very man for the job.

John Trikeriotis said...

Hi Miyuki~

Frank Miller seemed to pick the right man for the job because he wanted the movie to mirror his comics and from what I've seen so far from the Video Journals, 'Mission accomplished'.