Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blog Number 121 - CG and shake artists needed for Frank Miller's '300'

The text below is from an e-mail which another reader, or should I say participant, sent to me. As with all the info that I've received, the person(s) wish(es) to remain anonymous. I've been fortunate to be the recipient of some great information which I have always confirmed before posting. Since time is an issue here, I thought I would post it immediately since it seems like the real/reel deal. Yes, that pun was intended and I know it was lousy, however, I couldn't resist!

Best of luck, if you apply!!!
Highly creative, experianced (sic) and self motivated CG and Shake artists required for high profile production currently shooting. You will be based in Burbank and working directly with the VFX Supervisor for the producton in a small select team.

This is an opportunity to work with the shot material prior to it being distriubted (sic) to Vendors. This is a highly stylized production and requires the ablilty to work toward the Directors unique vision. You must be able to work under pressure and to set deadlines. No-one will be considered without a showreel.

Position required between - 9th Jan / Mid April or March (TBD)

Great Opportunity for Frank Miller Fans

Please send Resumes and Reels to...

VFX Dept
Les 300 Films
2595 Place Chasse
2nd Floor
H3Y 2C3

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