Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blog Number 170 - Critics of Frank Miller's '300'

Occasionally I'll check out the IMDB boards to see what the latest topics and responses are to the '300' posts. It seems that several of the prognosticators and pontificators have criticized the movie before it has even premiered.

The primary reason for the abuse that has been heaped on '300' is that the movie will not be an accurate portrayal of the Battle of Thermopylae. Do I agree with this assessment? Absolutely!!! However, what has to be remembered is that '300' will be a reflection of the comic books as written by Frank Miller, not a documentary based on the works of Herodotus.


RuthM said...

Hi John, I've been following the progress of the movie '300' including reading your blogs regularly. I even bought the graphic novel and really liked the story. I think the novel by Frank Miller is fantastic and I can't wait to see the film version. As a fan of Gerry Butler, I must say he's a great choice as Leonidas. I can even see him in the rendering of the King in the novel! Cheers!


vetdino said...

hey John!! nice blog... turns out we're writting about similar stuff!!

I'll add you to my links!!



Anonymous said...

Funny that the Greeks are portrayed as 'models' and the Persians as frickin Pakistanis or Indians.
Appears to be another neocon-lovin, POS movie. A Miller story directed by a Snyder ... what else is new?????
No one talks about the fact that it was the Persians that finally freed those jews and helped them return to what THEY call their 'homeland.'
It was the Persian Empire that allowed all people of all kind and of all religions to live the way they chose. Actually, the Persian Empire was structured very similar to a DEOMCRATIC govt. Representatives of all regions would take their people's views/needs/complaints/etc to the capitol, Persapolis and try to address their demands. The Persians created the water-ways, roads and postal system. And no, the Persians did not and do not look like a bunch of 'moccacans' as portrayed in this POS movie. Keep denying it ... but this neocon govt and the country's media go hand-in-hand!

Zuracech Lordum said...

In response to Anonymous (above):

This movie does not explore issues of democracy or anti-semitism. It is a work that demonstrates the bravery of the few that fought the many. I agree that the portrayal of the Persians is likely to be far from the truth as was the case in Alexander but then that's not what the movie's about.

Nice blog, people. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"300" is an insult to Persian history and Iranian people. The word “Xerxes” and “Spartans” are used and that’s enough for us Greeks and Persians to feel insulted even if supposedly it “wasn’t intending to be history”.
Lately the Persians in movies and films have been portrayed fictionally in order to create political tensions.
Thank you for recognizing that.

Back in the 50's, 60's and 70's, Hollywood treated History with more respect and Iranians were usually correctly portrayed. Today, they seem to confuse the Persian Empire with Africa and Arabia. The Persian Empire stretched actually all over Eurasia (eastern parts of Europe included)... How could the people of Eurasia talk dress or behave like people in East Africa? Persians were actually VERY CLOSELY RELATED to their fellow Greek neighbors. Greeks poets and authors say it themselves. The physical/genetical differences between Greeks and Persians were minimal. Anybody can see that. For example on Greek vases (Persians wore pants and Greeks had short skirts :)) (the one on the horse is Persian, the nude one Greek) (could you honestly say that this person doesn’t have the facial features of a typical Greek?) (a Greek picture of Darius)
Why can’t Hollywood learn from arts? They are so damn good on civil war movies or Roman films but how come they totally ignore these historical facts on Persians??? It’s called POLITICS in MASS MEDIA and nothing more.

The very foundation of Persian culture and history was its majestic mountains and their brave cavalries- you will never see that in movies like "Alexander" or "300" where Persians are wrongly being pictures as "desert people". That is a GREAT humiliation and a total disrespect to history.

Anonymous said...

"300" is an insult to Persian history and Iranian people.