Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blog Number 100 - Location of Frank Miller's '300' filming revealed

As I mentioned before, I've been fortunate to have several readers of my web log who have provided me with some real nuggets of information. Therefore, what better way is there than to celebrate the milestone of my 100th blog by announcing the location of the filming of Frank Miller's '300'. Can I have a drum roll, please???

The location is: Icestorm Digital Studio Inc. in
Montreal, Quebec.
Much, much more to follow!!!

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Maureen Butler said...

Thank you John for the location of filming and the fascinating information you've provided. I've come here for the first time tonight and know I'll definitely be a frequent visitor!
Have you posted the photo(s)that "Anonymous" who portrays a Spartan in the film said he'd send you?
Do you have an address for Icestorm Digital Studio, Inc in Montreal?
How can I contact you?
Thanx again,