Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blog Number 79 - King Leonidas' Corinthian helmet in Frank Miller's '300'?

Here I go again, going out on a limb again because there is so little information coming out of the '300' camp. For example, as of this day we still don't know the roles that David Wenham and Dominic West will be playing and they were named to the cast months ago! Occasionally, someone involved in the movie in some capacity will anonymously leave a comment for which I am extremely grateful.

The only analogy I can use is, I've got the borders of the jigsaw puzzle completed, however, I'm missing the majority of the pieces and once in a while I'll find one here and there. To illustrate this point, several weeks ago, a source let me know that the Spartans wouldn't have crests on their helmets as illustrated in the Frank Miller comics. He hadn't seen Gerry Butler in his helmet, therefore, he couldn't let me know if there would be a crest on the helmet of King Leonidas.

I know, I know, what's the big deal, right? Well, one of the criticisms of 'The 300 Spartans' was why did Richard Egan and the cast of the Spartans that had speaking roles have different helmets than the rest of the extras that had non-speaking parts? The answer is: how were you going to identify the stars if they weren't easily recognizable? This brings us to '300' and why I believe that King Leonidas (Gerry Butler) and several of his subordinates will be wearing a helmet which is different than the rest of the cast.

Where is the Cobra when you need him???


Miyuki said...

In my opinion,Frank Miller's description of the helmet seems to be an abstract of the Spartan destructive power of the 'machine',hoplite.It's so novel,keen and pure.
... I need to think about it.
I think close-up,voice,reflection in the eyes,behavior(habit such as tremble),spotlighted episode(including the action to get on or off the helmet) will help.

John Trikeriotis said...

G'day Miyuki~

I suppose it is easier to convey your emotions when people can see your facial expressions, however, it would have to be more difficult when you have a helmet obscuring your face.



Miyuki said...

If it comes to that,CGI such as skeleton(?)helmet should be seen.